About Us

Thank you for being here. My name is Tawana J. Lee & I am the CEO & founder of The Curves-R-Us Boutique. I just want to say I am so appreciative to you for stopping by. Let's get into some of the details about The Curves-R-Us Boutique 

Why was it created?
    The main purpose of creating Curves-R-Us Boutique was to mirror a shopping experience for plus size women that I always wanted. In a world were we are told that you have to be a small size to look good. I decided to create a "No SIZE Judgement Zone" where the only thing women have to worry about is picking a style to look good.

Where did the name come from?
   I wanted something simple that had great meaning. I wanted to stand out from all the other boutiques. I decided to create a name that was going to symbolic for what the company represented. The word 'Curves" make you think of plus size and R-Us is who I am representing. So I put it together and got The Curves-R-Us Boutique. 

Our Goal
     In the fast fashion trends of today you'll find yourself searching for the perfect look that you will feel good in. I want you to have pieces that you'll keep reaching for in your closet that comes with longevity. I want you to be able to associate yourself with a brand that makes you feel confident and sexy. I want you to enjoy your experience here, and if there's any way we could make it better for you... please let us know. 

Talk soon,

Tawana J. Lee

CEO & Founder